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 A Lecture from the DIRECTOR of KENSHINKAN

- What are the effects of the art of Self-defense ? -

Let's start by talking about why the striking techniques employed in karate and the like, when used alone, are not a useful form of self defense for ordinary people in today's society.
To begin with, let's consider the case of an ordinary person who encounters a thug on their way home. Suppose you are confident in your karate skills and that you beat the thug up using punches and kicks. You believe that he started it and so it was legitimate self-defense. However while you are still feeling triumphant the police have been notified and arrive on the scene.
Your opponent, who before now had been the bad guy, has suddenly become the victim. He claims that it was a one-sided fight. In this case, whatever you tell the police about how the incident started and how the other guy is the bad guy, the result will be that both parties are considered to blame. The fact you are left with is that your opponent is injured. If the injury is serious at best you will pay medical costs and compensation in an out-of-court settlement. If it works out badly the case will be sent to a prosecutor to be examined by the Public Prosecutors office. Later you may have a story to brag about but if this kind of thing continues to happen you are going to end up in jail. In a real fight, knocking your opponent down without inflicting external wounds requires proper training and skill. In short, it is impossible unless your are at a master level.
Another alternative is to defeat your opponent and then run away. However this is running away after committing a crime and you become, so to speak, a fugitive. This is not really a good feeling. If the incident occurs at a place you are known, or a person you were with is caught, you will inevitably be caught too. For these reasons I think you can understand why striking a potential attacker is not a good form of self defense for the average person.
Conversely, let's continue by comparing a case where only standing submission techniques (also known as joint manipulation techniques) are used. In order to gain control of your opponent using standing submission techniques, an attack severe enough to inflict damage on or to break or dislocate your opponent's joints is required. The reason for this is that with regular standing submission techniques your opponent will quickly recover and be able to counter attack. I have heard of many incidents where a woman molested in the street at night has been able to use submission to throw their attacker down. This much is good, however the attacker who has quickly recovered and probably become angered has then struck them repeatedly in the face, causing serious injury.
Once you have gotten your opponent into a position where they can't move by using joint submission techniques, unless you strike them using proper striking technique acquired in karate dojo training or elsewhere you will be unable to inflict any damage on them. Similarly, if you are practicing Zenkutsudachi Ido-keiko you will be unable to throw your opponent down in a real fight situation.
When you look at the points above you can see why thorough and severe submission techniques are needed. However, here again, there is a problem in terms of the level of skill in standing submission required. That is to inflict damage on a powerful man's joints requires a high level of skill and power. At our dojo to disable a person in training of 180cm height and 90kg weight required a lot of speed, skill and power. A half-hearted attempt, or skills that haven't been thoroughly learned or practiced will have no effect on a person of that size. Learning standing submission that is effective on this kind of opponent is again difficult if you are not at the master level. As I said earlier striking techniques employed alone are not an effective form of self-defense, and you can see that there are also many problems with using standing submission alone.
However, there is a form of self defense that is a powerful weaponĄ is easy for ordinary people to learn and that can be used effectively in an actual fight.

It is F.S.A. (Full-contact Submission Arts)

F.S.A is a combination of standing submission and full contact karate striking techniques. In a real fight it is an excellent form of self-defense. Ordinary members of society who may have family or career to consider don't want to go around getting angry and picking fights in public like an outlaw. This is only natural. Therefore if some kind of trouble occurs with another person, you don't want to fight except as the very last option. When for example you go to leave a situation and your opponent unreasonably grabs you from behind and insults you.
At this point if you throw your opponent down using standing joint manipulation techniques and then while they have been disabled quickly apply a powerful punch or kick to their ribs they should lose their will to fight. If however they still get up kick them once in the groin and you have won. If it becomes a police matter your knee unexpectedly hit your opponents ribs while you were struggling to throw him down so it was unintentional, and joints and the groin quickly recover. Your opponent has no external wounds and so neither party is afforded any blame. However this time the only fact that you are left with is that you beat up the bad guy. So what do you think? There is a way to clearly and safely settle affairs in a fight situation wouldn't you say?
At F.S.A. Kenshinkan, we currently have over 200 techniques in standing submission alone that even beginners can learn safely. F.S.A Kenshinkan once participated in a martial arts demonstration called "Camp Zama" that was held at an American army base and included TaeQwanDo, Karate, Aikido, Iai and various other forms of martial arts. The commanding officer told us in a thank you letter that he thought our demonstration was excellent. We also received good coverage in their newspaper where the American army Karate teacher highly praised F.S.A Kenshinkan as a form of martial arts that is extremely effective in actual fighting. The reason for this, we were told, is that in a country like America where there is a lot of crime, there are few cases where there is only one attacker, so after tackling one person another person attacks, while you are rolling around grappling with this person you are stabbed with a knife. The ideal technique for dealing with a case like this is to use standing submission and to strike your opponent while they are still standing. Increasingly, with this kind of feedback, the effectiveness of F.S.A in actual fighting is being validated.
Having read this, I hope you have an understanding of F.S.A. Kenshinkan. I want to share this amazing technique with as many people as possible.

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